Abena Slip Premium L2
Abena Slip Premium L2 Abena Slip Premium L2

Abena Slip Premium L2 - Large - Pack of 22

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Other Sizes


Size Waist Pack Size Case Size
S - Small 60-85cm, 24-33-inch Pack of 28 3 Packs of 28
M - Medium 70-110cm, 28-43-inch Pack of 24 4 Packs of 24
L - Large 100-150cm, 39-59-inch Pack of 22 4 Packs of 22
XL - Extra Large 110-170cm, 43-67-inch Pack of 20 4 Packs of 20


Abena Slip is a premium range of all-in one incontinence briefs suitable for moderate to heavy incontinence. The breathable and anatomically shaped briefs with curved leg elastics offer a comfortable and excellent fit. All products are fitted with leakage barriers and built in cross barrier at rear for extra protection, and features a Top-Dry system for optimum comfort and skin integrity and an odour system minimises unpleasant smells. The high quality flexible double tapes ensures easy and optimum fit and easy repositioning, and are designed with an added wetness indicator with graduation scale, that provides an indication to when the product needs changing.

To ensure you choose the correct size both the waist and hip should be measured and the largest measurement selected. These products are latex free.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% breathability for healthy skin and optimum comfort
  • Top-Dry-System for dry surface to protect the skin
  • Efficient core technology for fast absorption and odour control
  • Curved leg elastics for optimum fit with added leakage barriers for extra protection
  • Wetness indicator with graduation scale

How To Use

  1. Fold the brief length-ways with backsheet turned outwards.
  2. Pull the brief from front to back.
  3. Fan out the front of the brief, creating a channel shape between the legs.
  4. Fix tapes angled downward for a secure and comfortable fit.