The Adult Nappies / Diapers

All-in-one nappies are designed to be a secure fitting for all day/night use. These are the most common baby style type of nappy and come in printed designs and plain.

Plastic backed have a nice feeling, but can be noisy and get you sweaty when its warm, or you can pick the fabric backed that are soft, hardly make a nice. All depends on how you want to use the product. There is also thinner designs to be discreet, or a thicker design to make you waddle and keep you dry when you are sleeping.

We also have pull up diapers, and also washable / reusable diapers/nappies. We are a distributor for Save Express which includes MyDiapers, Rearz, Fabine and Bambino, along with other branded diapers. You will also find diaper brands from our vendors as well.

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