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Vehicles - Training Pants

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Size Waist
S - Small 56-66cm, 22-26-inch
M - Medium 61-76cm, 24-30-inch
L - Large 76-91cm, 30-36-inch
XL - Extra Large 86-102cm, 34-40-inch
XXL - XX-Large 96-140cm, 38-44-inch


A padded training style pant in a very soft stretch cotton with a light padding. (95% Cotton 5% Elastane). These can be used for light wetting but more for the comfort feeling of a padded brief style pant to wear whenever you would like.

All cotton based products can shrink up to 10% when washed for the first time. Measurements are taken with the item laying flat. Whilst we do our best to ensure measurements are correct, there maybe slight discrepancies.

This training pant is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex. We recommend washing at 30°C and hang drying. Do not tumble dry.